Automatic Documentation Generation

One of many features that is part of the Irishman Cloud is documentation generation. The documentation tool can analyze your code, along with any comments in it containing notes or documentation, and create PDF, HTML, XML, and JSON documents containing documentation information. In this tutorial, we are going to show how we started with a codebase on GitHub and generated a publicly available documentation website from it.

Creating a Project

The first step of the process was creating a project in the Irishman dashboard. Once the project was created, we added the Irishman Continue service as a dependency. From there, in the Irishman Continue menu, we opened the Continue Recipe Book and found the Documentation Generation template. This template allows us to clone a project from GitHub or any other supported code storage system, create documentation information from the code, and then publish the documentation information onto our static hosting system.

Linking the Project

We can link the project quite simply if it's hosted on a Git server, GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket. If the project is public on one of these platforms, just put the Git URL of the project into the "download project node" and Irishman will have access to the project. If it is a private project, you must give us access by clicking the enable access button for your respective hosting platform.

Generating Documentation

When we built the documentation generation system, we opted to make it modular and customizable. In most cases, if you are hosting documentation publicly for a private company, you will want your documentation to follow the style of the company. Because of this, we offer tools to customize the look, feel, and features that the documentation website offers. All of the features on the website can be enabled or disabled based on how you want the documentation to work, but they all come included in the documentation tool for free.

Because of the versatility of Irishman Continue, you can even add the ability to generate the documentation as a PDF and send it to each member of your team.

Deploying the Website

The final website will be available as a subdomain of "" by default. This can be changed by providing your own domain, which is at no extra cost.