Convert from one language to another.

What is Translate?

Translate allows developers to convert from one language to another while still maintaining functionality and maintainability. When the code is translated, it is scanned for 'logical patterns'. These logical patterns allow for Translate to take statements that make sense in one language and convert them into sensible statements in another language.

Pricing for Translate

In the current version of Translate, pricing is based on the length of files in kilobytes. With each upload to Translate, the uploaded files will be summed based on their file size, and the resulting number will be ceil-rounded. If you feel that your organization will be processing above 20TB of code with Translate each month, please contact us for consulting options.

Translate's Language Support

With Translate, users can pick any of the following languages and convert their code to any other language on the list. This generated code will be able to run with the same results as handwritten code in the language, with speed being comparable. As this is a very complicated problem that we are solving in converting between languages, we do ask for patience in adding new languages. In a short amount of time, many more languages will be arriving to the Translate system, but at the moment, these are the only ones supported.

Translate supports about 4 different programming languages. This list includes JavaScript, Python, TypeScript, and C-Sharp.