Make code pretty and quickly explainable.

What is Beautify?

Beautify is Irishman's all in one solution for creating consistently styled code. With this tool, you can save your team thousands of work-hours trying to understand other people's code. Since Beautify enforces rules for syntax styling, every part of your codebase will be easily understandable.

Pricing for Beautify

Pricing for Beautify works based on the length of files (in kb). The file length metric is calculated by taking all of the files submitted and ceiling (rounding up) the total file size in kilobytes.

If you feel that your organization will be processing above 20TB of code with Beautify, please contact us for consulting options.

Beautify's Language Support

One powerful aspect of beautify is its wide support for different programming languages and coding styles. Within each language, different programmers have patterns on how to organize or format their code. Irishman Beautify respects these patterns and generates code that is simple to read and consistent for your entire team.

If you are not happy with the selection of languages, feel free to contact us to request new one be added.

Beautify supports about 7 different programming languages. This list includes JavaScript, Python, TypeScript, C-Sharp, Dart, Elixir, and Kotlin.