Get valuable insights from your code.

What is Analyze?

With Analyze, developers are given the ability to see weak points in their code, view the runtime of different operations, get scores on code-quality, automatically optimize code with dynamic programming, and even refactor code so that it becomes more secure.

This tool is implemented through the Irishman platform with a interface for management and continuous integration options. But, also offered is an all-parts-included API that allows you to analyze code on the fly with in-depth statistics and analysis.

Pricing for Analyze

Pricing for Analyze works based on the length of files (in kb). The sum of all file-sizes in the submitted bundle will be calculated, and that number will be rounded up to the nearest kilobyte. If you feel that your organization will be processing above 20TB of code with Analyze, please contact us for consulting options.

Analyze's Language Support

At the moment, Analyze supports languages that are quite simple yet verbose in their processing. In the future, many more languages will be supported, but for the time being our focus is on perfecting the Analyze system so that the data outputted is as refined as it can be.

Analyze supports about 3 different programming languages. This list includes JavaScript, Python, and TypeScript.